Poultry Statistics

In a state known for its huge agricultural economy, the California poultry industry has an enormous impact producing sales in excess of $2.5 billion annually, making it one of the state’s agricultural leaders.

The California poultry industry provides jobs for over 25,000 people throughout the state and indirectly to tens of thousands more in affiliated industries including trucking and feed suppliers. California poultry industry employees earn more than $250 million annually, working in a variety of jobs from farm managers to processing plant workers, researchers, accountants and poultry executives.

In 2006, California processed over 250 million broilers, ranking California 12th in the nation in broiler production. Chicken ranks 12th among California’s top 20 commodities, with a farm-gate value of about $630 million, according to the California Department of Food and Agriculture 2006 Directory.

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About 15.8 million turkeys were grown in 2006. Production numbers were up almost 9% from 2005, when 14.5 million turkeys were produced1. California ranks among the top 6 states in turkey production2. The farm-gate value of turkeys totaled at about $197 million. The 2006 farm-gate saw a $27 million increase just from 2005.

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1California Department of Food and Agriculture 2006 Directory

2National Turkey Federation

Value of California Poultry Industry
The California commercial poultry meat bird industry– including turkeys, chickens and other meat poultry– produces products valued at nearly $1 billion annually, making it the sixth ranking commodity in California if grouped together.

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